Network standard PV Metering power cabinet

        Energy storage systems (ESS) are increasingly being used with solar photovoltaic arrays to optimize the use of the generated energy. In turn, ESS becomes more thoughtful and multifunctional. Batteries can be used strategically to maximize your return on investment. They charge and discharge batteries faster and more efficiently. They can enable very large PV arrays to better serve customer needs, ranging from small off-grid homes to large grid-connected microgrids. We asked ESS vendors and charge controllers to tell us about their latest system, what it does and why you should consider it for your next project. You’ll also find links to our Battery Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the best batteries for each system.
        EverVolt storage systems use hybrid inverters and modular batteries. The inverter can be connected to a PV input of up to 6.5 kW DC through two MPPT channels and offers both AC and DC connection options. The upcoming generation of inverters can be connected to a 12 kW DC PV input and can be both AC and DC coupled. EverVolt can be connected to any existing solar panel or installed without it. Generation 2.0 inverter is battery ready and can be paired with any solar installation, battery can be added later.
       Battery pairing: EverVolt Battery Website: E-mail:
        The GenStar MPPT is a forward-thinking, fully integrated DC charging system that can grow with your solar power system. Combining Morningstar’s TriStar controller with the latest in advanced communications, control and networking technology, the GenStar is a new design with “lithium DNA” yet supports all battery chemistry. It can be expanded as the system needs with the innovative ReadyBlock expansion system, which allows you to add key technologies and features as needed, including BMS lithium communication, advanced load management, and key metric measurement/monitoring. GenStar offers full network integration without additional adapters or additional hardware, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The fanless design improves efficiency and reduces power consumption while eliminating common points of failure. Robust load management with built-in load capability up to 30A is unique for a controller in this power class and also provides 150% of the input rating of a very large PV array.
       Battery Pairing: Morningstar has an Energy Storage Partner Program (ESP) that includes lithium and other advanced battery brands such as Trojan, Simpliphi, Discover, MK/Deka, Fortress Power, RELiON, KiloVault, PylonTech, Lithionics, PowerPlus Energy ( Australia), Enerdrive (Australia), genZ (Australia), etc. This simplifies installation and configuration, and system designers do not have to constantly move between cell and component manufacturers to fine-tune the system.
        Blue Ion LX from Blue Planet Energy is a premium grid-selectable energy storage solution that integrates a wide range of renewable and conventional energy sources to power businesses, critical infrastructure and global sustainability projects. Combined with photovoltaic solar panels, the Blue Ion LX microgrid can operate independently of or in conjunction with the utility grid. Made in the USA, the Blue Ion LX solution combines energy storage, system intelligence and field control in one rugged package. The solution includes a pre-tested and pre-configured battery inverter. Blue Planet Energy supports Blue Ion LX with a range of services including engineering and sales support, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, and financial services. Blue Planet Energy is offering zero down payment financing for a new solar and storage microgrid integrating Blue Ion LX. With a first-of-its-kind financing model, business owners pay only for the electricity generated by the new solar array and pay a flat rate for the additional benefits and services provided by the Blue Ion LX system.
       It is a complete energy storage system for off-grid residential, instrumentation/microgrid, utilities, telecommunications, agriculture, electric vehicle charging, mission-critical applications.
        BoxPower SolarContainer is a modular, prefabricated microgrid solution that includes a solar PV array, a battery pack, a bi-directional inverter, and an optional standby generator. BoxPower systems are shipped pre-assembled in standard 20ft shipping containers to withstand harsh weather conditions, simplify transportation, reduce costs and improve safety. Using the patented BoxPower shelving system, the solar panel can be easily installed directly on the shipping container. Multiple SolarContainers can be chained together to serve higher loads. All systems are pre-tested and commissioned before shipping. They are also guaranteed, fire safe, approved and optimized for remote monitoring and control. SolarContainer is highly configurable, allowing you to seamlessly adjust the power of solar panels, batteries, inverters and generators to best serve energy loads.
        BSLBATT B-LFP48-200PW uses the safest lithium ion chemical Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). Battery cells are supplied by BYD and CATL. The BMS supports the following communication methods Canbus/RS232/RS485. The B-LFP48-200PW home lithium battery is lighter, more compact and more powerful, equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated battery management system (BMS) to easily connect to an existing solar system.
        PowerPod 2 is a rechargeable home battery and home energy management solution that stores energy from the sun or the grid. Thanks to the built-in inverter, PP2 can be integrated into an existing solar system, become part of a new installation or operate as a stand-alone system. Thanks to its modular design, PP2 is easy to install and maintain. The PowerHub system energy management software allows customers to manage their home energy system with an intuitive app, allowing users to get the most out of their solar installations by getting power from the PV system when production is at its peak. PP2 is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. PP2 also supports existing and future network service markets, demand response and resource adequacy.
        Battery pairing: enabled. Brand agnostic but LFP chemistry. Website: / Email:
        The OutBack Mojave platform combines the latest power electronics and control technology with the powerful features that have characterized OutBack Power for over 20 years. Mojave ESS includes batteries and built-in controls and communications for an easier and more intuitive installation. Mojave is AC-ready for most grid-connected solar inverters and micro-inverters, the easiest way to add the economic and resiliency benefits of energy storage to existing residential PV systems.
       Battery Pairing: OutBack Power Mojave Battery Website: Sales Contact Email:
        Enphase energy systems combine solar energy, batteries and software into a single home energy system. Enphase Energy System IQ controllers, IQ gateways, and IQ load controller components ensure intelligent, trouble-free operation. The Enphase app allows homeowners to view all their energy consumption data, both real-time and time-varying, in one app. The Enphase power system is UL 1741 SB listed for meeting new North American safety and interconnection standards. Enphase Energy System has integrated the company’s power grid into an IQ8 micro-inverter that can provide backup power to the IQ Battery 10T during a power outage when there is no battery. This combination provides ultra-fast response times by eliminating battery size limitations.
        FranklinWH was recently added to the Approved Vendor List (AVL) of Mosaic and Goodleap, two of the most well-known financial companies in the US. The Franklin Home Power solution combines aPower batteries (LFP, 13.6 kWh) with the aGate intelligent control system. The aGate control system uses built-in adaptive learning algorithms to effectively manage the most complex load scenarios. Not only does it protect the main panel, but it can also integrate three additional large loads of the homeowner’s choice, such as HVAC, pool heating, or electric vehicle charging. Its app invites homeowners to change consumption when needed or sell electricity back to the grid at peak prices. Allows the integration of a generator.
        PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System is more than just a powerful battery and inverter, it is one of the most flexible and scalable home energy systems on the market. With a storage capacity of up to 18 kWh or as little as 9 kWh, the PWRcell Outdoor Rated (OR) battery pack fits almost every budget and lifestyle. Each component of the system is uniquely designed for complete integration and ease of installation. Generac also introduced new products such as the PWRmanager Advanced Load Manager and the 9kW PWR Generator, providing even more options to provide your customers with whole-home backup power and true energy independence.
        JinkoSolar’s EAGLE RS is a 7.6kW/26.2kWh DC coupled residential energy storage system certified by UL9540 as a complete solution. The EAGLE RS features LFP battery technology, a robust battery management system for safe operation, and a standard 10-year warranty. Combined with solar panels, the built-in automatic switch and autotransformer ensure uninterrupted operation during power outages. US monitoring app included for installers and end users to keep track of system production.
        JinkoSolar’s EAGLE CS is a fully integrated, scalable, turnkey AC energy storage system for instrumentation and utility applications. The EAGLE CS uses LFP battery technology and is equipped with BMS, liquid or air cooling, fire suppression and exhaust gas detection. BESS sizes range from 373kWh modular racks to 2700kWh in 20ft containers combined with PCS, all powered by JinkoSolar as a single point of contact for contracts, shipping, warranty and service.
        The Lion Sanctuary System is a powerful solar inverter and energy storage system that combines an efficient 8 kW Lion hybrid inverter/charger with a powerful 13.5 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The combination provides true energy independence, whether you are connected to the grid (metered or not) or off the grid. It can also be expanded to meet larger energy storage needs.
        Complete whole-house backup solution for standard 200A utilities. Supports surge current up to 175A and continuous load up to 25kVA, with or without grid. A true 400V battery combined with a patented single-stage inverter delivers a solar-to-AC conversion efficiency of 96.4%. Thanks to its modular design, each LFP Battery Module weighs only 47 pounds. With 38kWh of available 40kWh battery capacity, enough PV panels were installed to easily unplug a 3,000sqm house. ft. by participating in the Demand Response Program or VPP for a quick return on investment.
        The PXiSE Microgrid Controller (MGC) helps utilities, campuses and communities manage and coordinate localized DERs and loads by independently balancing active and reactive power and efficiently scheduling resources for fault tolerance, power quality and economy. Hardware independent software works across any number of assets, improving hardware efficiency and supporting real-time and day-ahead participation in energy market planning. Embedded AI uses a proprietary predictive analytics engine to predict and plan assets. A high-speed vector measurement unit (PMU) operating at 60 Hz transmits data to the controller to ensure power quality for intermittent assets and to match real-time load and weather forecasts. The MGC operates autonomously to maintain optimal conditions for sensitive equipment by reducing fluctuations in plant current, voltage, and frequency. Precise control maximizes the power output and stabilizes the voltage at the POI. PXiSE’s MGC excels in complex multi-asset environments and has proven itself well in pre- and pre-meter applications.
       Battery pairing: Any brand of batteries with BMS firmware and inverter integration Website: Email:
        Pylontech All in one ESS integrates batteries, BMS, PCS, EMS, HVAC and fire fighting equipment. The system can be widely used in various scenarios, such as substations, small industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals, charging stations, etc., and can be flexibly configured according to PCS rated power and battery capacity range. Due to the permissible ambient temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius, it can be used in various installation conditions. Passed the rigorous test of UL1973 and UL9540A with the highest security self-protection. All components, including battery modules, will be pre-assembled inside the Optimus prior to delivery, greatly reducing shipping and installation costs.
        One of the notable advantages of the XW Pro design is the rugged transformer. Toroidal transformers have industry-leading surge immunity and high overload performance (double power). As a result, the XW Pro can run heavy tools such as air compressors, water pumps, air conditioners and motor loads. With high power and surge capability, the XW Pro can handle dynamic backup power loads better than any other inverter on the market. It can also support significant line imbalance in standby mode (12kW for one line for 60 seconds). For those looking to increase their backup time by adding a generator, the XW Pro is also fully integrated with the generator. The ability to install up to 4 units in a stack or a three-phase system configuration of up to 6 units gives the installer full control over how the system is designed to suit the customer’s needs.
        Battery pairing: The XW Pro works with batteries from most leading manufacturers. Lithium-ion battery brands that BMS integrates with the XW Pro include Blue Planet Energy, Discover Battery, Fortress Power, Pylon Tech, and SimpliPhi Power. Read more about all of them here.
        With the official launch of the SimpliPHI AC or DC energy storage system (ESS), Briggs & Stratton can now offer a full range of smart energy storage products. It is a vertically integrated energy storage system (ESS) with modular components to increase power and energy intensity independently. Use 6kW SimpliPHI parallel inverters to increase power to meet higher electrical loads. The hybrid inverter works seamlessly with the SimpliPHI ESS 4.9 kWh battery and the EnergyTrak mobile app to monitor and control any custom solution. The built-in RSD relay is certified as an RSD receiver by APSmart. Listed in UL 1741 and UL 1973 (UL9540 pending).
        The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter is a PV + battery inverter based on SolarEdge HDWave technology, delivering record-breaking 99% weighted efficiency and 200% super DC power. The Energy Hub is designed to work with the SolarEdge Power Optimizer to provide module-level shutdown to meet NEC requirements and reduce production losses due to shading and other sources of module mismatch. When used with multiple batteries, the Energy Hub can provide up to 10kW of increased battery power per inverter. Each Energy Hub includes built-in commercial production monitoring as well as cellular connectivity to the Solar Edge monitoring platform. The Energy Hub is modular with optional upgrades to DC-connected storage (for full or partial home backups), built-in consumption monitoring, and connectivity to SolarEdge smart chargers for electric vehicles.
       Battery Pairing: SolarEdge Home Battery or LGES RESU16H Prime or LGES RESU10H Prime Website:
        Sunrun home batteries enable customers to generate, store and manage clean and affordable solar energy. Sunrun offers two storage options for lithium-ion solar panels: Tesla Powerwall and LG Energy Solution (LGES). Solar cells using lithium-ion technology are more efficient and last longer than lead-acid batteries. This makes them one of the best energy storage options when using solar energy. The Tesla Powerwall can back up an entire home, while LGES supports up to four circuits. There are also differences in software and application functionality. Sunrun has installed over 37,000 home battery systems and expects to grow by more than 50% by 2022, doubling the growth rate of total solar installations. Key Features (with LG Chem battery):
        SunPower’s SunVault Battery Storage Solution allows users to store the energy they generate on their rooftops for use when they need it most, providing homeowners with additional energy savings and peace of mind when climate events cause more grid outages and outages . SunVault is available in various sizes and configurations up to 52 kWh. Depending on the size and design of the system, SunVault customers can use stored energy to run essential appliances or power the entire home to power things that make life easier and more comfortable. A single SunVault storage with a larger battery can provide up to three days of backup power, so customers can power their underlying equipment for longer. SunVault is also eligible to participate in various network maintenance programs, including ConnectedSolutions VPP and OhmConnect, which allows customers to get paid to allow utilities to use stored energy during periods of peak demand and contribute to a more stable network in their communities.
       Battery pairing: SunVault website: Email:
        Yotta Dual Power Inverter (DPI) is a unique power conversion system that is interchangeable between solar and storage energy. This feature provides maximum flexibility and provides all the benefits of a micro inverter at a cost comparable to a string inverter. The four-port micro inverter is rated at 1.2kW, can accommodate up to four high-capacity PV modules (up to 500W), and is dual compatible with Yotta SolarLEAF, SL1000, module-level energy storage technologies. This UL1741 (SA) certified inverter is an interactive micro inverter with reactive power control (RPC) technology and complies with NEC 2014/2017/2020 fast shutdown requirements. The modular DPI platform is also ideal for step-by-step expansion of existing photovoltaic systems without complex electrical reconfiguration.
       Battery pairing: Yotta SolarLEAF Website: Sales Contact E-mail:
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