How To Solve The Problem Of Distribution Box

1. Imported distribution boxes are developed abroad, and are generally sold for the global power supply and distribution market. Since the requirements and habits of the power supply and distribution system are different in each country, imported power distribution cabinets are not necessarily fully applicable in the domestic market.
2. The main electrical components used in imported power distribution cabinets are imported brand products, and some cabinets or some cabinet accessories must be imported from abroad, which causes the price of imported distribution cabinets to be much higher than domestic distribution cabinets.
3. Although the technical parameters of the imported distribution box are very high, in most cases only a part of it is used, and even it cannot be used at all. For example, the number of circuits that can be installed in a cabinet of an imported distribution box is more than that of a domestic distribution cabinet, but that can only be achieved under the premise of reducing the circuit capacity. In most cases, it cannot meet the needs of users.
4. Although the technical parameters of domestic distribution boxes are lower than those of imported distribution cabinets, they have been able to meet user needs in most domestic power distribution systems.
5. In terms of the quality of the distribution box, as long as the manufacturer strictly follows the requirements of 3C for production and inspection, the quality of the domestic distribution cabinet is not necessarily worse than the quality of the imported distribution box.
In summary, when selecting the model of the power distribution cabinet, the following points should be achieved:
1. Understand the needs of users and choose the cabinet type that is most suitable for users according to the actual situation.
2. Try to use domestically-made cabinets of well-known domestic manufacturers. You cannot blindly choose imported power distribution cabinets with relatively high technical parameters, which is easy to cause waste of resources.
3. Because the brand of the main components used in the imported distribution box is the same as the cabinet. Therefore, when choosing imported power distribution cabinets, attention should be paid to the parameters of the main components, which must meet the needs of users.

Post time: Apr-18-2022