How to purchase Distribution Box Product

There are many types of power distribution cabinets in the domestic power supply and distribution system, and their cabinet structure and technical parameters are different. Under the influence of the following factors, the designed drawings often need to be modified or even redesigned, which not only affects the construction plan of the power supply and distribution system, but also brings a certain degree to the distribution cabinet manufacturers to complete the production of the distribution box on time and quality. Troubled.

The factors that affect the changes of the designed drawings are as follows:

1. Distribution box manufacturers recommend to users that they produce products that may not be suitable for users.

2. The Design Institute doesn’t know much about some newly introduced cabinet types, but only designs according to user requirements.

3. Users do not fully understand their own needs, and cannot choose according to their needs when choosing a cabinet type.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems and meet the needs of users, we can choose the specific model of the power distribution cabinet more accurately. The characteristics of low-voltage distribution boxes commonly used in domestic power supply and distribution systems are analyzed below.

Post time: May-23-2022