Distribution Box Size

If a new distribution stand on the column is added, 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet can be selected when making the distribution box shell, and the size of the distribution box should be enlarged proportionally (JP4-100/3W type foundation used in the agricultural reform project) On the top, the width of the original box is increased by about 100 mm, that is, the original 680 mm is changed to 780 mm. The outer size of the improved distribution box is: 1300 mm×780 mm×500 mm), in order to increase the various branches The electrical safety distance between the outgoing wires, the outgoing wires and the enclosure of the box, which is conducive to the operation and maintenance of agricultural electricians and the replacement of fusion parts, and also can dissipate heat.

Select energy-saving AC contactor (similar to CJ20SI type) products, and pay attention to the AC contactor coil voltage is connected to the corresponding terminal of the selected residual current protection device, pay attention to correct load matching. When selecting an AC contactor, the product with insulation class A or above should be selected. It must be ensured that the rated current of the main circuit contact should be greater than or equal to the load current of the controlled circuit. The rated voltage of the electromagnetic coil of the contactor is 380V or 220V

Selection of residual current action protector. Products that meet GB 6829 “General Requirements for Residual Current Operated Protectors” and are certified by the China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee must be selected. Can choose to use LJM (J) series of energy-saving, and low sensitivity delay protector. The method of the protector device shall comply with the national standard GB13955-2005 “Installation and Operation of Residual Current Action Protection Device”. The breaking time of the leakage protector, when the leakage current is the rated leakage current, the action time should not be greater than 0.s.

Post time: May-31-2022