Distribution Box Power

The high and low voltage distribution box should be separated from the maintenance equipment and the operating machinery and equipment by a marked sign during all and part of the induction induction. There is reliable ground protection for the current transformer (Electron flow) voltage transformer and the secondary winding of the voltage transformer.

When the high and low voltage distribution box is working on the secondary circuit of the current flow (Electron flow) voltage transformer, the following safety precautions (referring to the solution to the problem) should be adopted: it is forbidden to break the current flow circuit. In order to reliably short-circuit the secondary winding of the voltage transformer (the amount of current does not pass through high-power electrical appliances and immediately connect to the switching power supply), it is necessary to use short-circuit fault plates and short-circuit lines, and it is strictly prohibited to use power line coils. It is strictly forbidden to carry out all work on the circuit and transmission line between the voltage transformer and the short-circuit fault terminal.

Post time: Jun-22-2022